Flightcontrol changelog

AWS CodeBuild Concurrency Limit Changed + Sidecar Containers + Sentry Integration

Many of our customers are reporting that AWS has lowered the CodeBuild concurrency limits (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/codebuild/latest/userguide/limits.html) on their accounts. This affects how many builds Flightcontrol runs for you at a time - you may request a quota limit change from AWS through the console to address this:

🚀 New Features

  • Sidecar Containers

    • Starting with Datadog, Flightcontrol now supports adding sidecar containers to your Web Server and Worker services. You can decide how much CPU and memory gets allocated to each sidecar, along with the image to use, the port, and any environment variables for configuration.

  • Sentry integration

    • Flightcontrol is rolling out first-class integrations with selected developer tools. Sentry is our first integration - we support uploading source maps to Sentry after Nixpacks builds. Want something integrated? Let us know on our roadmap!

  • Post Build commands for Nixpacks builds

    • After your application builds, you can automatically run a command or script. Use this as a build hook. The post build command will only run once, not on each container. This is available for Web Server, Worker, and Static service types.

  • Postgres 15 Preview Environments now support SSL connections.

    • If you're using SSL connections with the latest version of Postgres on RDS, our preview environments now fully support this approach.

🐛 Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue where changing saved credentials on existing image registries wasn't persisting

  • Added better error messages for cases where the build fails to deploy on ECS - we display more information from ECS.

  • Fixed issue where cancelling pull request deployments for preview environments failed to actually cancel.

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