Flightcontrol changelog

Notifications Shipping Very Soon + Status Page

Last week, we accomplished a lot of our remaining work on Notifications. We are now polishing up our Notifications functionality so that you and your team get timely build and deployment events.

We've also added a status page (https://status.flightcontrol.dev/). You can see how the Flightcontrol Platform is performing, as well as the services and APIs (GitHub + AWS) we use to deploy your projects.

💅 Improvements

  • New Projects will use Nixpacks 1.5.0 instead of an older version, if you use Nixpacks for deployment. If you would like to use another version of Nixpacks, set the NIXPACKS_VERSION environment variable for your service. Existing projects will continue to use whatever Nixpacks version you currently have.

  • Updated the AWS Code Build base image to Ubuntu 22 so that we have Python 3.10 installed. This is important for the AWS Command Line Interface.

  • Added Destroy Service button to the Environment edit screen, so that you can remove services from an environment more easily.

🐛 Bug

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change the size of your Relational Database Service (RDS) databases when editing a service.