Flightcontrol changelog

Rollback GA This Week + Work on Dashboard Overhaul

We have Rollback available as an opt-in early access feature, and we will be making it generally available later this week for everyone to use.

On the dashboard side, we're working on the new UI/UX for our Dashboard - send any ideas for improvements our way!

🚀 Improvement

  • Updated our ElastiCache pricing estimates to take into account that we run two instances of ElastiCache, along with updated pricing information from AWS

📕 Docs

🐛 Fixed Bugs

  • For users with over 100 GitHub repositories in their accounts, we were not fetching and displaying all of them in our dashboard for you to choose from. We now fetch all of your repositories.

  • Sometimes when multiple pull requests were opened all at once, preview environment builds were timing out. This issue is now fixed.