Flightcontrol changelog

Redis for Preview Envs + Deploy hooks for Preview Envs + GitHub Container Registry!

We've been hard at work on the all new dashboard with new UI/UX, but we've also working hard to continue shipping new hotly requsted features. Hope you enjoy them! And if you don't, please give us feedback!

🚀 New Features

  • Redis for Preview Environments

    • Redis is now fully supported in preview environments. It works the same as RDS, sharing a single ElastiCache instance accross all your preview environments to keep your costs low.

  • Deploy Hook support for Preview Environments

    • Deploy Hooks are now fully supported for preview environments! You can create and manage hooks for preview environments by clicking on Edit Environment in the Preview Environment section from your Project page.

  • GitHub Container Registry

    • In addition to DockerHub & AWS ECR, GHCR is now supported as a first class registry. If you'd rather manage your build, you can point us to an image registry and then trigger a deploy with a deploy hook.

🐛 Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed some edge case bugs around preview environments not being created

  • Added Laravel demo as option during onboarding

  • Various bug fixes & improvements

📕 Docs