Flightcontrol changelog

Redis Encryption at Rest & Get Deployment Status API

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Hello everyone. We're back to the office today after our week long retreat in Thailand. We were able to work on multiple improvements and bug fixes during our time together last week. Some of the improvements we shipped mono repository support, and provide more configuration options for preview environments.

🛫 New Features

  • Added the new supported field basePath which indicates in which folder the nixpacks build should run. See more in the docs.

  • Added a new configuration option called encryptionAtRest to configure if Redis is encrypted at rest. This option is enabled by default. See the docs for more information.

  • Added new Flightcontrol API endpoint to get the status of a deployment. See more in the docs.

  • Added the fromBranches filter for preview environments, used to specify which branches should be deployed to a preview environment. See more in the docs.

💅 UX

  • An environment's AWS account is now displayed next to the environment's region.

  • In dashboard, move the Install Command field out of advanced configuration up next to Build Command.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where public API endpoints threw a CSRF error on POST requests

  • Fixed a bug where deleting a Redis cluster didn't delete correctly the first time.

  • Fixed delete certificate workflow to use us-east-1 in retry custom domains.