Flightcontrol changelog

Introducing Pre-deploy Commands

Hi everyone! This week, we're excited to announce pre-deploy commands, beginning with a private rollout- contact us if you'd like to try out the feature.

With pre-deploy commands, you'll be able to define commands that automatically run in between the build and deploy step of your service. See the docs here for more information.

In addition to pre-deploy commands, we've been working on rounding out the new website to be feature complete with the legacy site, as well as introducing many UX improvement & bug fixes.

🚀 New features

  • Pre-deploy commands

  • Added UI for when your project has an AWS account that has not yet been connected to AWS

ğŸž Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UX problem where users clicking "abort" on a form would still get prompted to confirm changes

  • Fixed a bug where users could create environment variables with duplicate keys in the UI

  • Fixed a bug where users could not cancel deployments of a preview environment

  • Fixed a bug where the environment trigger was not being shown in the selector

  • Fixed a bug where preview envs were not being deleted on project deletion

  • Removed port field from RDS forms as it was unsupported

  • Various other small UI/UX fixes & improvements