Flightcontrol changelog

Announcing ECS+EC2 In Public Preview

Hi everyone! ECS+EC2 is now in public preview! This enables GPUs and allows significant cost reductions, especially when leveraging Reserved Instances.

🚀 Features

  • ECS-EC2 is now in public preview! See docs here

  • Added cost display to all fargate size options

  • Allow jobs using docker to have a start command that is an array of strings

⚙️ Changes

  • All fargate* service type names have been renamed, now that we have a new target field for choosing between target: fargate and target: ecs-ec2

    • fargate ➡️ web

    • fargate-worker ➡️ worker

    • fargate-scheduler ➡️ scheduler

    • The old types will continue to work and are fully backwards compatible

    • See docs for details

ğŸž Bugs / UX Improvements

  • Fix a number of bugs related to jobs

  • Small fixes and copy improvements from user feedback