Flightcontrol changelog

Rollback + Preview Environment Watch Paths

Our new Rollback functionality is available as early access now! Reach out to us using Slack, Discord, or email to turn on rollbacks, restarts, and rebuilds for your projects. We're making Rollback available to any user that wants to use it now, and then making the feature generally available by next week.

This week, we're at the Write the Docs conference in Portland, Oregon and the Remix conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come say hi!

🚀 New Features + Improvements

  • Rollback, restart, and rebuild for a given deployment. Now in early access.

  • Added watch paths to preview environments. Choose which services to build when selected files or directories change in your repository for a given pull request.

📕 Docs

🐛 Fixed Bug

  • Fixed a bug with our database engine selector in the dashboard. Previously, if you were using a certain database engine (such as MySQL) and database version (example, 8), the database version would be reset if you modified the database engine but then went back to the original. This bug is now fixed.