Flightcontrol changelog

🚀 Announcing Role-Based Access Control

Hello everyone! We've got a lot of items this week. First, role-based access control is now live! Organization owners can update roles in the organization settings side pane under the "Members" tab.

In addition to that, we're making great progress on SSO, as well as EC2 for ECS which will greatly increase the customizable options for your instances as well as add opportunities to reduce cost.

🚀 Features

  • Add GitHub CI checks for deployments

  • Show current running instances for servers and workers

  • Add Github deployments for standard environments

  • Add commit sha options to deploy hooks

  • Add more ids in our getDeployment api (docs)

  • Add documentation for Github deployment actions CI integration (docs)

ğŸž Bug Fixes / UX Improvements

  • Fix cost displays

  • Performance improvements for the dashboard

  • Fixed a bug where no commit author profile pic was being shown

  • Fix a bug where an error message was shown when rolling back a deployment even though the rollback succeeded

  • Improve UX when adding image registries

  • Cron jobs

    • Fixed a bug where builds were failing for docker build types

    • Fix an bug where "next run at" was incorrect when using timezones

    • Improve speed of job graph pop-up

    • Improve UX of form