Flightcontrol changelog

Releasing SSO 🚀

Hey folks! We've released SSO, which willl allow you to use Google or Github to sign in. Also, org owners can configure these providers for their organization, which will allow enforcement of 2FA through Google or Github. In the meantime, we're nearing a beta release for our new build system. ⚡️

🚀 Features

  • SSO through Google and Github (see docs here)

  • Add "download logs" button directly in logs viewer

  • Add 6 new AWS regions: eu-central-2, eu-south-2, ap-south-2, ap-southeast-4, me-central-1, and il-central-1

ğŸž Bugs / UX Improvements

  • Show environment variables as a password and hide credentials behind a view button to prevent accidental display of secrets

  • Fixed a bug where provisioning services were not being marked as error if provisioning failed

  • Fixed a UI bug where deployment steps were being shown on incorrect service types

  • Other few small UI/UX bugs