Flightcontrol changelog

Redis & RDS Preview Environments

🛫 New Features

RDS Preview Environments

You can setup your preview environments to include a preview database using AWS RDS.

How it works: You will have a clean database for each preview environment created from your pull request. On the AWS resource level, only 1 RDS instance will be used for all preview environments (unless you’ve configured more than one RDS for the preview environment).

How to configure it: You need to add a RDS service type to your preview environment.

You can check the docs for more info: https://www.flightcontrol.dev/docs/guides/config/preview-environment


You can now create a Redis instance using AWS Elasticache with Flightcontrol!
Not available in preview environments yet.

How to configure it: If you use flightcontrol.json you can add a new service to your environment using the type: "elasticache". If you use the UI, you'll see a new service type option to select.

Check the docs for more details: https://www.flightcontrol.dev/docs/guides/config/using-code