Flightcontrol changelog

Added Support For Redis 7.1 & Postgres 16

Hello all! We've updated support for Redis & Postgres to keep up to date. For cron jobs, we plan to roll the feature out for GA by the end of this week. We're so excited to finish this work and hope that you all will find it useful. Next, we're going to start working on a few security features such as SSO.

🚀 Features

  • Adds support for Redis 7.1

  • Adds support Postgres 16

  • Added date stamp popup for graphs

  • Cron jobs

    • Added graphs

    • Allowed job execution logs to be accessed with a unique URL

    • Added timezones in the UI

    • Show upcoming job execution

🐛 Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where users could run a job before successfully deploying

  • Fixed cancellation button display

  • Fixed several job runner preview environment bugs

  • Several small UI/UX tweaks and fixes