Flightcontrol changelog

Dashboard Improvements + New Features

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We've worked really hard on improving the dashboard we shipped two weeks ago as Flightcontrol 2.0! Overall feedback was very positive, and we got a lot of "It would be great if..." feature requests and minor bugs that we fixed.

In addition to these improvements, we added two new features to Flightcontrol that we think you'll find useful.

🚀 New Features

  • Runtime-only environment variable support. By default, Flightcontrol includes your environment variables in the build for Nixpacks or Dockerfile builds. If you would like to only use environment variables at runtime, you now have that option on a per-service basis.

  • Preview Environments for draft pull requests. One of our most requested features has been to support preview environments for draft pull requests. Please try this out!

🐛 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • After launching the dashboard, we've made many individual improvements to the user experience and developer experience. We're continuing to make it the best dashboard!