Flightcontrol changelog

Pre-built Image Support and Nixpacks Improvements

Hi everyone! This week, I'm excited to announce pre-built image support, which allows you to "bring-your-own-image" to Flightcontrol. This feature means instead of only using Flightcontrol as CI/CD, you can use it as primarily CI.

🍄 Features

  • Added pre-built image support: see the docs for more information.

  • Added support to deploy public docker images without a Dockerfile: see the docs for more information.

💅🏼 UX Improvements

  • Change build auto cancellation to only cancel "pending" builds. This ensures new code is deployed even if you are git pushing faster than the build/deploy cycle time.

  • Improved Nixpacks caching

🐛 Bugs

  • Fixed watch paths not working when the path starts with `/`

⚠️ Deprecation

  • Nodejs builds for static sites are deprecated. We recommend using nixpacks instead because it will automatically determine node version & package manager type.