Flightcontrol changelog

Watch Paths / Next.js ISR Manual Revalidation / Multi-stage Docker Caching

🛫 New Features

  • Watch paths feature

  • Git Submodule support

  • Next.js ISR manual revalidation support — `req.revalidate()`

  • Build caching for multi-stage dockerfiles

  • Sort env variables in GUI so it's easier to find what you are looking for

  • Enable AWS Origin Shield for new services, resulting in faster app performance

    • (huge improvement in first load time for static sites after new deploys)

💅 UX

  • Add configured port to failed healthcheck error message

  • Stop hiding BUILD_ERROR messages in deployment list

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Two services with the same given ID cause issues when destroying the service

  • Add 404 status code in static sites when file not found

  • Static site fixes

  • Click to Copy doesn't work on firefox

  • Fix environment name not updating

  • Fix all links to flightcontrol.notion.site to point to our new docs